Indian handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts

Indian handicrafts are worth preserving and feel the efforts of artisans along with the time period they had been created. Several times the hand of artisans and craftmen touch the material to create a unique art effects/handicrafts. Mostly natural materials have been using to create handicrafts wheather its is a clay, metal, wood, natural straws, shells, bone, hide, rubber and any other stuff. It is a unique connection between the artist of that period and the user of that art and craft. An artist or artisan create a craft step by step develop it and watch it till it complete. In every touch he left his impression on it and each and every mark make one admire the beauty of hand crafted art effects, that is called handicraft and the crafts developed in India is called Indian handicrats.
Indian handicrafts antique


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Indian paintings
Indian Art Gallery

Glass Beads hollow and gold plated
glass hollow beads
Glass Hollow beads
These are hollow glass beads madeup of glass with gold plated. vintage glass beads, mercury hollow glass beads, these beads are light in weight one can feel richness, shine and polish you can admire. These are available in deifferent designs and sizes.

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Handicrafts belong to Various Places of India

Every state of India having its own style of handicrafts this map takes you to the page of displaying handicrafts belong to its particular state. You can click on any state to view its handicrafts.

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Indian handicrafts


Various Places Famous for Indian Handicrafts

Products you can order and customize

Furniture Rajasthan
Cattle - Tea set


Ceramic Pottery

Customised mug hand painted

beautiful hand painted stonewares.

natural straws bag

handmade necklace

natural straws craft, bags, matteress, bin, and other items.


paper mache
Marble Souvenir

Marble handicrafts

dari, mat, textile india

Cotton dari, map, placemats, rugs etc.

Fashion Indian
Indian fashion

Indian fashion industry
find out Indian clothes and rugs

Glass T-Lights

glass hollow beads

Glasss handicrafts with various designs an size. T-light, hangings, chandeliers, mozaic lamp, lentern etc.


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Delhi Haat | Surajkund Craft Mela | Pushkar Fair | Craft Museum Delhi | EPCH Handicraft Exhibition | Bikaner Fair

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