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Punjab Hanndicrafts

About Punjab

Punjab is a state popular for its culture, cuisine and history. Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala are the prime cities in the state. Located in the north west of India, Punjab is the second largest producer of major agricultural products in the country. Punjab is also one of the most prosperous states of India. The state has many attractions like gurudwaras, shrines, wildlife, lakes, and so on. Moreover, the handicraft industry of India is also very popular. The state is the hub of many interesting art and crafts in India.

Punjab handicrafts

The rich tradition of Punjab handicrafts includes Phulkari along with Pidhis, Jootis, Durries and Parandis. Phulkari is however the most popular of them all. Many of the crafts are used as household items or decorative items in houses and portray the colorful identity of the state. Weaving durries is mainly done by girls and they begin learning the same since childhood. Durries here are available in different sizes and patterns. In addition, remarkable range of trays, mirror frames, dressing tables, easy chairs, sofa sets, dining tables, chairs etc., is also being manufactured in the state. The beautiful Punjabi dolls attired in lovely dresses are another famous craftwork of Punjab.
Different categories of Punjab handicrafts

Wood Work
Folk Toys
Leather craft

Wood Works is the most famous craft of Punjab. Comfortable beds with carved legs are the most common product made out of woodcraft. The carvings are generally of floral designs and geometrical patterns

Like most other India states, Phulkari work of Punjab is also famous. This art form of intricate embroidery is practiced by women in Punjab in designing shawls and Dupattas. The design depends on the size of stitches and the smaller size of stitch is considered better.

Mudwork is one of the simplest forms of art in Punjab used for designing different motifs. This craft is practiced in villages in Punjab. Pottery is a form of mud works in which mud and clay is used to makes utensils and other objects. Mud toys of Punjab are also interesting craft made of mud.

Folk Toys of Punjab reflect the rich traditions of the state. This craft has established itself as an industry. These colorful and vibrant toys have earned laurels in the international market. These are considered as excellent display pieces because of their exquisite gorgeousness and excellence.

Basketry or basket weaving made out of a straw commonly known as Sarkanda. This straw is mixed with other things to make beautiful baskets. This craft is used for making other household article as well. 

Weaving Durries is another craft of Punjab. These durries are of various motifs and designs. Motifs of birds, animals and plants are common patterns made on these durries that are used as gifts given with girls during marriage.

Needlework of Punjab is famous. Some such forms are Baghs, Phulkaris, rummals, scarfs etc. using needle work.

Leather craft in Punjab is used to make beautiful jutis with embroidery all over. These are of intricate designs of high quality made by using gold/silver threads.

Manufacturers of Punjab handicrafts

1. Navyug Gift House manufactures various handicraft items, including brass handicraft items, wooden handicraft items, metal handicrafts, and copper handicraft items along with other things.
Address: Dharam Pura Bazar, Patiala, Punjab
Website: http://www.navyuggift.com

2. Karishma Jewels, Chandigarh deals in manufacturing handicraft items, jewelry, and gift items.
Address: House No. 2310, Sector-45 C, Chandigarh, Punjab

3. Kohinoor International manufactures and exports handicrafts and garments
Address: Basti Bawa Khel, Jalanhdar, Punjab

Exporters or export industry of Punjab handicrafts

1. Gebe deals in exporting wooden handicrafts, along with other wooden objects.

Address: F20, Surya Arcade, National Road, Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana, Punjab India
Website: http://www.gebeindia.net

2. Le Diamant Sommet International is a company that deals in exporting handicraft product, gemstones jewelry, wooden handicraft, brass handicraft etc.

Address: 43 New Milap Nagar, Ambala, Punjab
Website: http://www.ldsiexports.com

3. Savi International exports decorative products, handicrafts, gifts etc.

Address: 104 Uday Nagar, Wadala Road, Jalandhar, Punjab

The handicrafts of Punjab are mainly exported to countries like UK, US, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries.

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