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Indian Paintings
dancing king with queen
Dancing king with queen, miniature painting
Elephant colade
Elephant fighting scene, miniature painting made in 1760
ritual scene
Women standing in que and waiting for their turn for ritual practice
daasi guiding queen in night
Woman guiding queen with torch

goddess fighting with devils
Goddess fighting with devils

Love scene miniature painting
Love scene miniature painting
king with elephant
King with elephant going for war
Noorjahan Queen
Noorjahan Queen portraiture
Queen flying kite
Miniature painting, queen flying kites
Raja Maan Singh
Raja Man Singh enjoying dance in his palace

mughal miniature

Photo frame with mughal miniiature painting

Indian army
Indian army
love on camel
King and queen on camel making love
Musicians are performing in palace
king and queen
King and Queen
dancing women
Dancing woman


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